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  • Feb 25 / 2020
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Do it Yourself, Purelite


5. Healthy, Low Cost Dressing

If you eat a lot of salads, then you are also spending between $3 to $5 per bottle on store bought dressings every week or two. Besides the high price, salad dressings also contain preservatives that keeps the bottle from spoiling while it sits on the store shelf. A better alternative is to make your own vinaigrette. Simply add a sprig of rosemary to a bottle of red or white wine vinegar, for a healthy, low calorie, low cost infused dressing.

4. Use an Air Fryer instead of Eating Out

If you think an air fryer is like an oven, then think again. It is sooo much better. Not only is it faster, it makes simple things like chicken, tender, moist, delicious and never dry. Instead of eating out, just put plain chicken breast in the air fryer, cook for 10 minutes and you are done. Add it to salads or make a chicken sandwich that is better and healthier than McDonalds’.

3. Chips that Won’t Break the Bank

If you have kids, bags of potato chips seem to disappear faster than you can buy them, A healthier and cheaper alternative is to make your very own apple chips. The best part is, you can either use a dehydrator, an air fryer or your oven to make delicious apple chips. Using an apple peeler makes it even easier by slicing, peeling and coring the apples for you.

2. Make Your Own Popsicles

With Summer just around the corner, popsicles are a fun and healthy way to beat the heat. Add juice with blended fruits to a popsicle mold and freeze overnight for a preservative free, refreshing snack.

1. Buy Cooking Oil In Bulk

If you cook a lot, then one of the best ways to save money is to buy cooking oils at wholesale prices. Save up to 50% or more on high quality organic olive oils, avocado and grape seed oils. Jedwards International has been a wholesale supplier to major manufacturers for decades and best of all, they sell to consumers as well! They have hundreds of oils available in gallon size containers, which can be poured into oil dispensers and spray bottles for easier use.

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