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  • Nov 19 / 2014
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Cast Iron Apple Peeler Instruction Manual

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Purelite Cast Iron Apple Peeler
fresh_apple Use only fresh, firm apples.
Symmetrically shaped apples
and potatoes work the best.
bushelapples Medium and Small Size Apples & Potatoes 4.5” in length or smaller work the best. For larger potatoes, cut it in half and load the cut end onto the fork.


Place the rubber base on a smooth, non-porous, dry surface, such as a table or counter top. Firmly push down on the peeler and turn the vacuum lever to engage the vacuum grip. Stone countertops work the best. Surfaces that may not work well are wooden tables, small or rough tile countertops, textured or cracked table tops.





In most cases there is no need to adjust the blades unless the peeler is not performing as desired.

First, make sure that the fork is able to pass through the coring ring.




If there are too much or too little peel being taken off, loosen the thumbscrew. To remove more peel, move it forward. For less peel, move it backward. Tighten the thumbscrew securely.


To adjust the peeling arm, use a screw driver to turn the adjustment screw clockwise to move the arm farther away from the fork. Turn counter clockwise to move it closer.


Peeling Potatoes

Making Curly Fries

Step 1:
If possible, select symmetrically shaped potatoes (They work the best).
Cut 1 Russet potato in half. Push the cut end onto the fork.

Step 2
Crank the handle until the entire potato passes throught the coring ring. If too much or too little peel is being taken off, please see “Peeling Blade” above.
Step 3
Now the potato is ready to be deep fried for a crispy treat. If you want to only peel the potato without creating the curly shape, simply remove the coring blade by unscrewing the wing nut.


Clean the apple peeler after each use with warm soapy water, rinse and dry thoroughly. Use of dishwasher is not recommended.A drop of vegetable oil once a month will help to lubricate the shaft and ensure a smooth operation.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@purelite.us


If the wooden handle is coming loose.
Make sure the bolt is threaded through the fat end of the wooden handle.

If the suction is too weak.
Please contact us at info@purelite.us so that we may send you a new rubber suction pad. Please follow the video instructions below to replace the suction pad.

If you do not see the video above or if it does not play, please click here.

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