Refill with Your Favorite Healthy Organic Cooking Oils 


    • CONTINUOUS FINE MIST SPRAY: Our easy to use refillable Cooking Oil Spray Bottle coats pans with a thin, even coat of your favorite vegetable oil, such as avocado or grape seed. Much like the spray of an aerosol, but using air pressure instead, for a low cost alternative to oil spray cans such as Pam.
    • SAFETY: The bottle is made of BPA Free, food safe glass for better storage and to prevent chemicals from leaching into the oils as with plastic containers. To keep sunlight from breaking down cooking oils, our unique, patent pending dark film has been applied to keep UV rays from penetrating the glass and spoiling the oil, it also helps to keep the glass from shattering when dropped, for greater safety and easier cleanups. Tile kitchen floors and slippery oils makes this a must have feature.
    • CONVENIENT: Wide Mouth Bottle for Easy Pouring (without funnels) and Easy Cleaning. Baby bottle brushes may be used to wash and clean the inside of the bottle. Prevent clogs with the mesh screen filter at the end of the feeding tube. For added convenience, we have added measurement lines to see how much oil is left before a refill is needed.
    • MANY USES: Not only can it dispense oils for no stick and no scratch cooking, it can also be used to spray directly onto bbq meats and vegetables. Spray baking pans for a non stick finish. Fill it with vinegar to spritz salads for a healthy dressing. Add fresh herbs to your oils for a flavorful seasoning. Don't worry, the filter will prevent clogs.

An interesting video on how cooking sprays such as Pam contains chemicals that I would not want to add to my food. Butane and propane tops my list of things I don't want in my diet.



• No Gas Propellants Used.

• Uses Only Air Pressure.

• No Chemicals.

• Refillable with Your Own Non-GMO Organic Oils.

• Sprays a Continuous Mist of Oil.

• Save Money on Oil. Less expensive than PAM.

• A Healthier Way to Cook for your Family.



"This oil mister is everything I hoped for. It works great. I appreciate the dark color of the miser as it keeps my oil fresher longer."

Linda Hesse


"I needed an oil sprayer for use with my air fryer. This works great! Easy to clean as well."



"Oil sprayer works really well, and the size is perfect for holding onto easily. Made of nice thick glass and the pump and sprayer work effortlessly. Maybe there will be other film colors in the future, so as to be able to discern types of oils. I would definitely buy this again."

William P

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