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Extraordinary Kitchen Tools

  • Dec 15 / 2013
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January 6, 2014

Apple, the Miracle Fruit

Eating apples can bring miraculous health benefits that few other foods can match. In fact, apples were ranked 12th (red delicious) and 13th (Granny Smith) respectively for their high antioxidant concentrations per serving size by USDA scientists in 2004. The antioxidants help to fight diseases by helping and repairing oxidation
Healthy Eating

December 31, 2013

How to Can Apples

Canning Apples is a great way to preserve apples from your back yard tree for up to two years. A great way to save money and enjoy those apples all year long. Canning is the process of heating food in glass jars at high temperatures for a period of time
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