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Indoor Electric Flying Insect Catcher and Bug Trap | Control Mosquito, Fruit Flies, Moth and Gnat | Traps Using UV Lamp and Fan

  • WHY IT WORKS - Flying insects are attracted to the bright LED UV light. As soon as they get near, they are sucked into the fan and down into the collection chamber.
  • HOW IT'S BETTER - Other similar traps uses expensive sticky boards to prevent the insects from escaping. Our unique "trap door" prevents escapes, along with the transparent chamber, allowing you to make sure they are dead before opening it up for disposal.
  • SAFE FOR FAMILY - No dangerous chemicals are used to kill the insects. Safe to use around children, as this is not a zapper that uses electricity to kill the bugs.
  • FOR BEST RESULTS - Use in a dark, quiet room. For fruit flies, place a small saucer of apple cider vinegar nearby. Works best on small flying insects such as mosquitoes, gnats and moths.
  • ENERGY EFFICIENT - The quiet 5W electric motor uses a USB cable for power. Allowing it to be run off of laptops, computers or outlets. USB charger is not included.

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